Void Property Inspections

If your business has recently moved sites and is still responsible for the previous premises or has downsized and left behind empty buildings are you aware that most insurance companies require inspections of the property to be carried out?

Void Property Inspections can be tailored to suit the requirements of the customer and the insurance company and normally include:

  • *Physical check of outside of property for damage or theft
  • *Physical check of inside of property for damage or theft, squatters, or evidence of illegal entrance.
  • *Removal of mail
  • *Reading of utility meters
  • *Video Verification Alarm Systems
  • *2.5 Concrete Barriers
  • *1.2mm Perforated Steel Sheeting
  • *Steel Security Doors & Frames
  • *Heras Fencing
  • *Alarm & CCTV 24 Hour Monitoring